Special Edition "To Lucio Fontana"

To Lucio Fontana


The Special Edition of Bayria Eyewear dedicated to the Italian master of the 20th century, “To Lucio Fontana” , won first place within the prestigious international contest Graziella Pagni Award , Design category . The competition dedicated to independent brands in the Italian eyewear sector saw numerous emerging and acclaimed brands compete and was organized by Eidos Communication in collaboration with Omisan Farmaceutici , in synergy with the magazines l ' Ottico and Blink and the support of MIDO .

“To Lucio Fontana” has a strong visual impact: a one-of-a-kind, a completely black frame, made of glossy black Osaka acetate, set in sharp contrast with cosmetic lenses in flash colors: orange, lime green and light blue.

Almost an engraved monolith, with an extremely defined and geometric shape, with a double rod that creates a play of light between glossy and opaque. “To Lucio Fontana” is a model made unique and refined by engravings in the slabs. Precisely the engravings are inspired by Fontana's art, in which the surface of the canvas itself, interrupting itself in reliefs and recesses, enters into a direct relationship with real space and light. Painter, sculptor and ceramist, Fontana has in fact founded spatialism, trying to define the world in which we live by piercing and cutting the pictorial surface. His art represented monochrome works with holes and cuts, through which he interrupted the illusory nature of the canvas as a support for the drawing. The material transformed the canvas itself into a three-dimensional sculpture.

The special edition is available in 100 pieces, each with a different engraving, each unique and collectible. All engravings and finishes are handmade in Italy.