Bayria, as the name of the city of Bari in ancient times. A city nicknamed "the gateway to the East", where the Art Nouveau style mixes with oriental influences, interrupted by Baroque touches along with a cosmopolitan and underground style. These realities have always coexisted in Bari: avant-garde and tradition, research and style together with craftsmanship. Bari is a city that at the end of the 19th century saw the rage of the Art Nouveau style: these were the years in which Italy was experiencing its cultural revolution, trying to educate the masses through art and the taste for beauty, and in which there was a tendency to give free rein to craftsmanship, contrasting them with mass production.

It is precisely this mix of extremely connotating influences that the Bayria collection brings to eyewear. The series of glasses is a real tribute to the Apulian Art Noveau, in which Baroque and oriental influences converge. Small characterizing details that are perfectly integrated in a contemporary language, with essential lines, in which traditional techniques and advanced technologies meet. The new and the old come together in a collection with a sophisticated taste.

Bayria features frames in elegant and refined shades, such as ocher, ruby ​​red, petrol green and bottle green. And then black, essential and rigorous, the maximum expression of timeless elegance.

Unconventional frames, on which master craftsmen have been able to reproduce visual games through small engravings that create the optical effect of one frame in the other, a light and versatile style. And again, “frame in frame” workings and carvings on the front that bring to mind the bezel of a watch. The Bairya collection is inspired by the art that has made Made in Italy great in the world. That art capable of contaminating any aspect of lifestyle: from painting, to architecture, to ceramics, to design.

Made with sheets produced by Mazzucchelli 1849, a leading company in Italy in the production of quality acetate, the glasses require a long process to produce a real design object. It takes 48 steps to get a frame. From the synthesis of cotton and cellulose pulp, 8mm acetate slabs are created, from which the front is extrapolated. Each frame is then decorated by hand. For this reason, each piece has differences in color and tone that make them unique.

A unique collection, in which comfort and research blend with history, with the Arabian reminiscences of Liberty decorations, with the gracefulness of the East and the decorative richness of the Baroque. Sacred and profane, ancient and modern, history and future. All this is Bayria.