Limited Edition "Liberty"



In Bari, in 1928, what would become one of the symbols of the city was erected: Palazzo Mincuzzi, a masterpiece in art noveau style that stands in the central via Sparano, the main artery and hub of the city's cultural life.

For the building, intended for the sale of fabrics and precious goods, the architect Aldo Forcignano was inspired by another temple of commerce, the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris. In fact, Palazzo Mincuzzi is one of the pearls of Italian liberty style: the facade is a riot of masks, marble decorations, ashlar pilasters and columns, and inside it hides an imposing staircase dominated by a dome elegantly covered in wet glass tiles. in gold, a distinctive element of architecture.

With the Limited Edition "Liberty", Bayria Eyewear wanted to pay homage to the city from which it takes its name, Bari.

The front of this unique and sinuous model, made in only 100 numbered pieces, presents doodles that bring to mind the Ionic capitals of the facade of Palazzo Mincuzzi, strictly in opaque Osaka black acetate, the same black that recurs throughout the design of the building, from the internal railings to the sign.

The lenses, burgundy with internal antiglare, are inspired by the color that the facade acquires with the glare of the lights. The curly temples, on the other hand, are in gold metal, a color that flickers between the external windows and dominates the space, enhancing the geometries of the Art Nouveau decorations, bringing to mind the dome decorated with gold glass tiles.

The modern style of Bayria Eyewear, made of material and elegance, gently contrasts the decorative opulence of this model, enhancing it.